Christmastime-Michael W. Smith

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Light-O-Rama Sequence
Part Number: SEQ-GW-
Availability: Instant Download
Duration (min:sec): 4:16
Base Sequence Configuration: 68 channels and 32 pixels
Amazon ASIN: B00137TYOC

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Getting all your lights and special effects to dance with the music is hard work and can be incredibly time consuming.  We make it easy for you to have a great show and take all the credit.  This official Light-O-Rama certified sequence was designed and programmed by an experienced, award winning creative working in close harmony with the Light-O-Rama staff.  

The sequence is designed around 68 channels and 32 pixels but looks good even if only 16 channels and/or 8 pixels are used.  Start small and extend the capabilities of the sequence by simply adding more Light-O-Rama controllers. 

This sequence will work fine with others you have purchased from Light-O-Rama.  All of our sequences use the same channel groupings.

This sequence does not include the music.  See the 'Music Info' tab about purchasing a music license.

The sequence is available in two formats:

  • Ready To Go: just add the sequence to your show and watch the magic. It is based around 68 channels and 32 pixels but will play fine with other Light-O-Rama sequences.  The sequence is encrypted so no changes can be made and you cannot see how the sequence works internally..  

  • You Can Modify: not only can you add the sequence to your show and watch the magic but there is full access to all the timings and effects used in the sequence. Change anything and everything while also learning how the experts do it.  .  

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