Singing Faces/Trees MotionPaks require LOR software version 4.4.6 or 5.4.2 (or later) at the Advanced or Pro level.

Pixel Tree MotionPaks require LOR software version 5.5.2 (or later) at the Pro level.

MotionPaks are designed to work with Light-O-Rama sold props like our Singing Faces and Pixel Trees.  They can not be guaranteed to work with props created by other manufacturers.  

Ready to add more action to your already purchased sequences from the Light-O-Rama sequence store?  Just add one or more MotionPaks to your already purchased sequence store sequence!

What's a MotionPak?  Think of it as a prop you might have already purchased from Light-O-Rama... something like Singing Christmas Trees.  Instead of having to purchase new sequences, you can add a singing face MotionPak to your existing sequence and you're done.  No sequencing needed.  

Special note: MotionPaks require the base sequence purchased in this store.  MotionPaks cannot be run by themselves.

You will need to have the Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suite software package installed on your computer in order to add a MotionPak to your base sequence.

Look for Light-O-Rama Hub, click the 'Sequences/Motion Packs' tab and then 'Scan/Apply MotionPaks'

Looking for sequences with MotionPaks for your Light-O-Rama singing faces?  Singing Faces MotionPaks

Looking for sequences with MotionPaks for your Light-O-Rama pixel tree?  Pixel Tree MotionPaks

Read all the details about installing a MotionPak here.

Here's a video showing the base sequence and then MotionPaks being added.

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