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Ready to add more action to your already purchased sequences from the Light-O-Rama sequence store?

Just add one or more MotionPaks!

What's a MotionPak?  Think of it as a prop you might have already purchased from Light-O-Rama... something like Singing Christmas Trees.  Instead of having to purchase new sequences you can add a singing face MotionPak to your existing sequence and you're done.  No sequencing needed.

You do need to have Light-O-Rama ShowTime Designer Classic (version 4.3.38 or higher) or ShowTime Designer  Pixels (version 5.1.6 or higher) software installed on your computer.  Look for LORhub, click the 'Sequences/Motion Packs' tab and then /Scan/Apply MotionPaks'

Many sequences in our store have MotionPaks available.  Click the 'MotionPak' tab in the sequence description' to see more.