Ready to add more action to your already purchased sequences from the Light-O-Rama sequence store?

Just add one or more MotionPaks to your already purchased sequence store sequence!

What's a MotionPak?  Think of it as a prop you might have already purchased from Light-O-Rama... something like Singing Christmas Trees.  Instead of having to purchase new sequences you can add a singing face MotionPak to your existing sequence and you're done.  No sequencing needed.

You do need to have Light-O-Rama ShowTime Designer Classic (version 4.4.2 or higher) or ShowTime Designer  Pixels (version 5.2.2 or higher) software installed on your computer with an Advanced or Pro level license.  Look for LORhub, click the 'Sequences/Motion Packs' tab and then Scan/Apply MotionPaks'

Many sequences in our store have MotionPaks available.  Click here for a good place to start looking.

Read all the details about installing a MotionPak here.

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