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Light-O-Rama, Inc.
22 Hudson Falls Road
South Glens Falls, NY  12803

website:  www.lightorama.com
helpdesk:  helpdesk.lightorama.com

Frequently Asked Questions

I placed an on-line order.  Where are my sequences???  Look carefully at the receipt emailed to you within a minute of placing your order.  On that receipt, near the bottom is the link to follow so you can immediately download your sequences.

I can't order the music through www.Amazon.com?
  Chances are Amazon.com has figured out you don't live in the USA.  Match the album cover and music track name with a music download site available in your country. Make sure the track length is the exact length as specified in the sequence description.  Purchase the music and download the music file to your computer.  Now you can install your newly purchased Light-O-Rama sequence.  The Light-O-Rama installation program will find the downloaded music associated with the new sequence and link everything together.

I installed my sequence(s) and can't find them.  Your Light-O-Rama sequence is installed in your default Light-O-Rama/Sequences directory.  The sequence should end with .lms.  You might have to search your computer as needed.

My new sequence gets an error and can't play the music.  Open the sequence in the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor, goto Edit/Media File and navigate to the location where your music file is located.  Select the music file, save your sequence and you should be good to go.

Company Overview:
Light-O-Rama is a leading manufacturer and retailer of systems used to create animated shows involving lights, music and motion. Our hardware and software engineers, seasoned support technicians and certified dealer network strive to provide you with excellent products as well as excellent service. During the really busy times of the year every available person switches to customer support providing our customers a level of service rarely seen in this industry.

Our Products:

Light-O-Rama can be applied with almost any project requiring computer directed animation. From individual light controllers running in stand-alone mode to hundreds of synchronized controllers, motion detectors, animation servos and other devices coordinated by a computer or Light-O-Rama ShowTime Director, we do it all. Our ShowTime Sequencing Suite  continues to be designed with the novice in mind while at the same time providing the sophisticated tools needed by professionals for complicated projects.

Most Light-O-Rama controllers have two personalities. When connected in a typical Light-O-Rama data network, our lighting controllers are intelligent and receive high level commands producing a number of lighting effects such as smooth ramping, cyclic/cross fading, dimming and twinkling. When our ShowTime light controllers are connected to a DMX-512 network the controllers become simple dimmer packs, servo controllers, etc. Add our digital inoput/output boards, servo controllers and direct DC controllers and there's not much left you can't control.

Commercial Shows

The phenomenon of computerized shows is relatively new so commercial displays converted to Light-O-Rama control systems attract more eyes to your venue as people experience full shows that are consistent and repeatable. Light-O-Rama has taken the leading role of providing computerized lighting systems to municipalities, malls, parks, zoos, museums and organizations of all types. Our competitive pricing, high quality and post sales support make us unique. We stand behind our products and go out of our way to ensure that your project is successful. Be it a decorated fire truck or a multiple building city display, Light-O-Rama can configure a system that will fit your needs.

Residential Light Shows

With the Light-O-Rama system, thousands of people have turned their homes into world class light shows synchronized to music during the holidays. Using ordinary LED and/or incandescent Christmas lights, Light-O-Rama users have created animated displays that rival those built by professionals.

Light-O-Rama has a variety of compatible product lines with prices to match almost any budget. Our modular approach allows you to start with a simple system and expand in future years. Our experienced staff is ready to help.

Lighting and Automation Projects

Museum displays, marquees, signs, animatronics, traffic control, you name it Light-O-Rama products have been used in an amazing variety of projects. Museums use our products in interactive children's displays. Sign makers discovered our UL508 certified ShowTime Pro light controllers provide an easy-to-program, low cost and reliable alternative to the dedicated sequencers used in the past. Our continually expanding product line provides the ability to integrate AC and DC lighting, audio, relays, servos, digital input/output and various other devices and they all connect to the common Light-O-Rama data network.

We're Proud of What We Do

We're proud of what we do because we see the smiles of appreciation on people's faces as they watch displays come to life. We'll prove it to you. Imagine it, then do it.
Thanks for shopping with us!
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