Our base store sequences require that you are using S3.8.0 or higher. There are two types of sequences available:  

Ready To Go:  no changes are allowed to the sequence
You Can Modify: change anything and everything in the sequence

Ready To Go Sequences

A 'Ready To Go' sequence available through the Light-O-Rama sequence store is easily identified by the 'Ready To Go' on the sequence album cover.  You are purchasing  a fully functioning light sequence based on our layoutYou cannot add, change or remove any of the light patterns on any channels (for example, if you have unique pixel props beyond our Motion Paks you want to add into the sequence).  

Upgrading 'Ready To Go' Sequences to 'You Can Modify' 

'Ready To Go' sequences cannot be modified but should you buy these RTG sequences by accident and want to change them to the 'You Can Modify' type, simply contact us at the Light-O-Rama helpdesk and provide the sequence store order number(s).  We will provide an upgrade path for you. 

ShowTime Director Use

'Ready To Go' sequences can be used with Light-O-Rama ShowTime Directors.

Sharing 'Ready To Go' Sequences.  Please Don't.

You Can Modify Sequences

A 'You Can Modify' sequence is only available through the Light-O-Rama sequence store and is easily identified by the 'You Can Modify' on the sequence album cover as shown in the store product description.  A 'You Can Modify' sequence allows you to see all of the sequence timings and effects.  You have full control modifying the sequence to your unique environment including remapping the channels, adding or deleting channels as well as total access to changing the light patterns of each channel.  You are in full control of how this sequence can be used.

Expanding your 'You Can Modify' Sequence

Feel free to add more controllers and channels to your new sequence (like pixel props beyond our Motion Paks!)  The only limitation is your imagination.

You'll need the Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Software

You're purchasing a sequence but it doesn't do you much good unless you also have the ShowTime Sequencing Suite installed on your computer that can understand the sequence and send the right commands to the controller.  

ShowTime Director Use

'You Can Modify' sequences can be used with Light-O-Rama ShowTime Directors.

Sharing 'You Can Modify' Sequences.  Please Don't.

You are purchasing the rights to use a 'You Can Modify' sequence in your unique environment.  The sequence should not be shared with others.  When you purchase the sequence we embed a unique transaction number for tracking purposes. 

Audio Files

Light-O-Rama does not supply music with most sequences, but we do provide a link to Amazon.com to purchase the music legally and have it officially licensed to you.  If you plan to use this music and sequence in a commercial environment, you will need to make sure you have an active license through one of the licensing agencies in the USA (example: ASCAP, BMI, etc.) 

If your sequence uses royalty free music you'll typically see RFM in the name and it is emphasized in the sequence description in our sequence store.  This means Light-O-Rama has taken care of the licensing requirements for you.  The music file is included with your sequence so there is no need to purchase the music from Amazon.com.  Please keep in mind we have arranged for the royalty free music to be licensed only to you so copying the music file to share with others is not allowed.
Many songs available on-line come in different versions so we include in the sequence description the exact length of the music.  If your sequence is expecting music that's 2 minutes and 45 seconds, things aren't going to look right if the music you chose is 2 minutes and 48 seconds.  The music must be the same duration as the sequence.


If you purchase an RTG sequence and later would like to upgrade to a YCM, please contact our help desk for information about a discount before you upgrade. If you have original layout sequences (ending in -P or -U) and need to upgrade them to the current layout C68P32 to be compatible with Motion Paks - please contact the help desk as well for information about a discount. Depending on how long it has been since your original purchase, we may offer a discount towards your upgrade purchase.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for 'Ready to Go,' 'You Can Modify,' or Motion Pak sequences once they have been downloaded to your computer since they are digital files. (Our system shows us if you've downloaded a sequence or not from your purchase.) If you mistakenly ordered a sequence and have NOT downloaded the file, please contact the helpdesk and include your order number for information about a refund. 

Commercial Use

Want to use one or more musical sequences in a commercial environment?  Read more.

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