Singing Faces/Trees MotionPaks require LOR software version 4.4.6 or 5.4.2 (or later) at the Advanced or Pro level.

Pixel Tree MotionPaks (16x25 or 16x50) require LOR software version 5.5.2 (or later) at the Pro level.

MotionPaks are designed to work with our Light-O-Rama Singing Faces and Pixel Tree props.  They can not be guaranteed to work with props created by other manufacturers, and will not work with other pixel prop shapes without self-made modifications. You must already own the C68P32 base sequence from our store in order to merge a MotionPak.  MotionPaks cannot be run by themselves, or merged into original layout sequences ending in -U or -P. (Please contact our help desk for information about upgrading a -U or -P sequence).  

You will need to have the Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suite software package installed on your computer in order to add a MotionPak to your base sequence. Download the "LORMP" file from your purchase, and run the .exe in the folder to add the sequence to your Light-O-Rama Sequences folder. Next, look for Light-O-Rama Hub, click the 'Sequences/Motion Packs' tab and then 'Scan/Apply MotionPaks.' Locate your base sequence in the list, and follow the prompts regarding MotionPak application.

In order to use our Pixel Tree Motion Paks with a Light-O-Rama Showtime Director, you must use the 'Advanced' settings of the SD card builder and set your network to ELOR/LOR and 500k speed. Network preferences for use with a computer should be set to 500k and enhanced.

Looking for sequences with MotionPaks for your Light-O-Rama singing faces?  Singing Faces MotionPaks

Looking for sequences with MotionPaks for your Light-O-Rama pixel tree?  Pixel Tree MotionPaks

Read more about the specific details of installing a MotionPak here.

Here's a video showing the base sequence and then MotionPaks being added.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for 'Ready to Go,' 'You Can Modify,' or Motion Pak sequences once they have been downloaded to your computer since they are digital files. (Our system shows us if you've downloaded a sequence or not from your purchase.) If you mistakenly ordered a sequence and have NOT downloaded the file, please contact the helpdesk and include your order number for information about a refund. 

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