*RGBPlus Animation Fillers (2, 6, 10 minutes)

*RGBPlus Animation Fillers (2, 6, 10 minutes)

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Duration (min:sec):

2:00, 6:00, 10:00

Sequence Layout:

Filler Animations between sequences for the RGBPlus Layout

Included in this purchase:
2 Minute Animation
6 Minute Animation
10 Minute Animation
(No sound)
 You can run several filler sequences back-to-back to get any duration filler required, or modify the length of any sequence.
This sequence is fully modifiable. You must be using 5.6.0 or higher of our Sequencing Suite software at the Pro to make changes. This sequence is for your use only and has an embedded serial number that can be traced back to the original purchase.

What's a filler sequence?  The lights slowly change and there's no music playing.  Using fillers is a good way to keep your venue interesting between formal lights shows.
Please remember filler sequences play no music.

This sequence will look good even if you only have a few of the props or controllers in the RGBPlus layout. Each prop has individual animation effects applied.

The filler sequences can be used with Light-O-Rama ShowTime Directors or on a computer run show. 

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