Terms & Conditions

You must already own the license to play the music associated with each Light-O-Rama sequence.
If you already own the music through a previous purchase or other arrangement, just confirm that you do during the sequence buying process.
If you do not already own a license to the music we provide a link to Amazon.com to purchase it for personal use. Each tune typically costs $0.69 to $1.99 (USD) through Amazon.com.
If you plan on using a Light-O-Rama sequence in a commercial setting, you still must have a license to the music being used. Check with your current background music provider or purchase a blanket license through a service such as ASCAP or BMI.
In most cases you will need a version of our Light-O-Rama Software Suite to play the purchased sequence on your computer or to transfer it to a format for use in standalone applications. Goto www.LightORama.com for more information.
Most sequences are in a protected format meaning you can't change anything. This includes how the lights flash and what channels are flashing at what time. Protected sequences are for your use only and cannot be transferred to others.
Non-protected versions of Light-O-Rama sequences are available at an additional cost. You have full access to the entire sequence meaning you can change anything. Please note that these sequences have an embedded serial number we can use to trackdown the original purchaser. Non-protected sequences are for your use only and cannot be transferred to others.
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